Keep Calm and Launder On

The Coronavirus is on everyones mind at this moment. Here are some facts regarding laundry that should ease your mind.

Harvard Health has stated that there is no evidence the COVID -19 can be transmitted from clothes to humans. The CDC has stated that the seasonal flu is killed at temperatures over 167 degrees. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control) The antimicrobial action of the laundering process results from a combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical factors. Dilution and agitation in water remove substantial quantities of microorganisms. Soaps and detergents function to suspend soils and also exhibit some microbiocidal properties. Hot water provides an effective means of destroying microorganisms. A temperature of at least 160°F (71°C) for a minimum of 25 minutes is commonly recommended for hot-water washing. Regardless of whether hot or cold water is used for washing, the temperatures reached in drying and ESPECIALLY DURING IRONING provide additional significant microbiocidal action. Dryer temperatures and cycle times are dictated by the materials in the fabrics.

Our response to COVID-19 is HEAT! Our dryers are set at 169 degrees. The steaming/ironing/hot head process is much hotter than that. Dry cleaning IS recommended by the CDC to properly clean and disinfect your garments. It is a proven and safe choice.

We offer free pick-up and delivery to your door step which provides you clean laundry/dry cleaning for everything from casual wash & fold to delicate’s to household linens and bedding. Follow directions on our website to download our delivery app!

Our locations all have convenient drive throughs permitting our customers to conduct business from their vehicles. Our conscientious team members are taking precautions by wiping down counters and often touched surfaces like door handles. They are washing hands often and wearing gloves when appropriate.

If you have any questions or concerns please email We look forward to serving you!